Excess PV energy during the day?

Then a battery storage solution could be the answer. A battery storage solution can help you become less reliant on grid supplied electricity, by storing excess energy generated in the daytime and using it to power your home in the evening, when the sun has gone down.

As a Tesla Energy certified Installer, we can offer the Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage solution as a retro fit option to your existing PV system or a sensible add on to your new system.

This clever heated and cooled battery solution will store excess electricity and automatically discharge when your house load exceeds what is being supplied by your panels or when the PV system is generating nothing in the evenings.

Later this year the Powerwall 2 will also be able to charge itself overnight using cheaper off peak electricity and with the addition of the new gateway, offer a seamless ‘back up’ function meaning you can power your home in the event of a power cut/mains failure.

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