There are several ways in which you benefit from investing in a solar PV installation for your home or business

Protect yourself against rising energy costs

The electricity you generate is first used in your home or business premises so you will benefit from a reduction in your electricity bills. The electricity generated from your roof can power your everyday appliances. The average home is assumed to use approximately 50% of the energy produced by your Solar PV panels, but you can maximise your system benefit by drawing even less electricity from the national grid.  This can be done by using appliances during the day when producing your own free electricity.  If you are not at home during the day we can fit a device to help maximise your self consumption. These units divert electricity that would have been exported to your immersion heater, heating your water using the electricity from your panels. As energy prices rise over the coming years your savings will become greater. What will your electricity bill be in 2020?

Get paid for producing your own electricity

You are paid for every unit of electricity you generate, regardless of whether it is used in your home or not. This payment is made through a government backed initiative called the ‘Feed in Tariff’ Scheme. For domestic systems this scheme will currently pay you 4.39 pence for every kWh you produce, guaranteed for the next 20 years. This payment is index linked and is Tax free!

0-10 kWp systems: FIT rate of 4.39p/kWh
10-50 kWp systems: FIT rate of 4.59p/kWh
50-250 kWp systems: FIT rate of 2.70p/kWh

Sell power back to the grid

The assumption is that you will use half the electricity generated in your own home and the remaining half will be fed back into the National Grid. You will receive a ‘deemed’ export payment from your Feed in Tariff provider at the rate of 4.85 pence per kWh for 50% of your total kWh generation figure, regardless of whether you have exported that amount of electricity or not.

Commercial systems under 30kWp also receive the ‘deemed’ 50% export payment.

Help the environment

Your carbon footprint will be reduced as you lessen your reliance on energy created using fossil fuels. The electricity produced by Solar PV is clean, green and creates no greenhouse gases.

Monitor your solar data with SolarLog

By installing a SolarLog device we can remotely and accurately view what is happening on site and react to any problems that occur with your commercial PV system.

Check out the dashboard below to see how you can access your solar data online.

In combination with an import/export meter (pictured) we can monitor on site generation and import/export of electricity, helping you to manage your plant effectively. Monthly reporting is also available.